My real name is Severin Engert. I was born and raised in Leipzig, Saxony. I gained my general qualification for university entrance in 2015 and began studying “Media Computer Science” subsequently. I opted for the Technische University Dresden due to its excellent educational training and research. The bachelor was completed in 2018 and followed by my master studies in the same field. In 2020, I officially finished my basic education by gaining the Master of Science “Medieninformatik”.

Next to my academic studies, I began working on different projects. Since 2017, I have a licence to work as a freelancer. Multiple websites were designed and developed by me since then. Additionally, I was employed as an assistant on the Interactive Media Lab Dresden to support multiple projects in the research area of Augmented Reality. Currently, I am working full time on the IMLD, developing and publishing and novel interface.

If you have such a project planned, do not hesitate to contact me. I am a useful team member, adaptive, fast learning, creative, and organised.

Until then,