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Programming was part of my life since the early days. Due to my father’s profession, I was introduced to computers and automation as a child. Aged 10, I bought my first little robot and was taught Visual Basic. I learned the basic principles of commands and routines.

In my adolescence, I switched from the programming of microcontrollers to web development as it required fewer resources, only my PC and internet access. I began with HTML, CSS, and JS, even before it became promising HTML5, CSS3, or ECMAScript5. In later years, I further learned the basics of PHP and SQL, began using frameworks like jQuery or Bootstrap, and adopted CMS like WordPress for my own website. I began developing and maintaining this website in 2012. It was used to publish my own little creations and to promote my work to the public.

Due to this interest in programming and computers, I entered my bachelor studies “Media Computer Science” at the TU Dresden in 2015. In the first semesters, I got to learn C, Java, and Python.
I also got the chance to learn game development in a bigger module. I got to learn programming games using Unity and C#, which led to various games over the next years. Although I was relatively successful with my team and our game NeoPuck, it was more of a hobby than a profession until now.

Right before my bachelor thesis I got in contact with Augmented Reality and got the chance to work on a project using the Microsoft HoloLens. In the end, I wrote my thesis about an application I developed which augments displays with virtual content in an architectural context.

During my master’s studies, I got interested in physical computing: projects using hardware, microcontrollers, 3D printing, laser cutting, … I taught myself C++ / Arduino for this purpose and worked on various projects.

In my daily work, I combine self-developed hardware with web frontend and AR extensions ultimately exploiting all my skills. Nonetheless, I am always curious to learn new skills, either in the digital or in the physical world.