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I am an enthusiastic Maker in my job and in my free time. I am inventing and developing stuff since I was a child. It might have started with Lego bricks and the construction of planes, castles, or ships. Inspired by my dad’s work, I build my first big project when I was 10 years old. With his help, I devised a huge clock with physical hands in the center and LEDs around it as digital hands. This project required the development of a custom circuit board, manual work, soldering more than 100 LEDs, and coding the clock’s behavior.

Since then, I am spending a lot of my free time with similar projects which often require a multitude of different skills which I acquired over the years. Recently, Digital Fabrication Techniques extended my diverse skill set and facilitate small and big projects. At IMLD, it became a major part of my daily work.

More information about all my projects can be found in the Project compilation.