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Augmented Displays

After the defense of my Bachelor’s Thesis, I received rather good feedback and the professorship invited me to further work on this project as a student assistant. Together with my thesis supervisor Patrick Reipschläger, we improved the system and added features that I was not able to add during my thesis times. In 2019 we tried to create a research paper for CHI20 as a direct derivative of my thesis. Unfortunately, it was rejected in the peer-review process, as we did not manage to properly evaluate the prototype in time.

Meanwhile, P. Reipschläger further worked on his Augmented Display concept. He combines conventional interactive surfaces of any size with head-mounted Augmented Reality. This extends the input space of conventional screens into the third dimension. Furthermore, the natural touch and pen input of the interactive surface can be used to interact with virtual AR content.

ARchitecture, the system from my Bachelor’s Thesis, is a prime example of his concept. So instead of focusing on a publication of this specific prototype, I helped him by integrating my content into a more general publication of the concept. The paper got accepted at CHI20, the premier international conference of Human-Computer Interaction. It is now publicly available to researchers from all over the world in the ACM Digital Library:

Next to integrating some content into the paper and proofreading, my main task was the preparation of supplementary material like images and videos. This task is complicated by the combination of displays and Augmented Reality, as it needs to combine both contents into seamless material with proper registration. In the end, we published a supplementary video that showcases both use cases from the paper.

More information about the whole project can be found on the website of the Interactive Media Lab Dresden:

Project Page “Augmented Displays”