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Headphone Stand

In 2019, I wanted to make a personal Christmas gift for my brother. As I got access to a laser cutter, I wanted to use this technology to create a simple, but beautiful Headphone Stand.

The Stand should be comprised of individual layers connected by just a view screws. Wooden sheets (HDF) and cast acrylic sheets were chosen as base materials, each with a thickness of 3mm as this is barely sliceable. At first, clear acryl glass was intended to be used, to create a floating upper part. But the only red acrylic was locally available, which led to a more colorful end result.

The dimensions of the Stand were adjusted to perfectly fit the headphones of my brother. The upper arm supports the frame of the headphones and the ear cups can freely hang underneath. A diagonal foot stabilizes the whole structure. It is attached without the need for screws or glue as it is clamped in between the individual layers of the main frame.

The whole Headphone Stand was designed in Fusion360. The model was exported and converted into individual SVGs for each layer. These were used to laser cut the individual parts. The layers were stacked and connected using furniture screws.

The plans are available upon request: