Topography Model

I designed and 3D printed a topography model of Germany with some additional Data Physicalization as decorative wall art.

Pedestrian Bridge

I created this model of a pedestrian bridge to replace a previous model which was stolen.
It fits the german “Spur H0” with a scale of 1:87.


I designed and construct my own Schwibbogen with a scenery including 4 representative buildings of Leipzig.

Headphone Stand

I designed and build a custom Headphone Stand made from laser cut acrylic and wooden sheets.

GameJam 2019

I got the chance to organize the 2019 GameJam of our faculty. It was a great 3-day event for which me and my team took care of the location, catering, sponsoring …

Neo Puck

Neo Puck is a Multiplayer Arcade Game, which I developed together with two close friends during a Game Jam. In only 48 hours, we developed the whole game and all its visuals, music. and effects from scratch.