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Pedestrian Bridge

I created this model of a pedestrian bridge to replace a previous model which was stolen. It fits the german “Spur H0” with a scale of 1:87. It is now freely available on

First I took careful measurements of the old bridge’s placement and sizing. This gave me the overall shape of the bridge. I looked for the legal standards to determine the exact slope for the stairs and their step size to fit the H0 scale. Then I added fitting rails and some decorative support structures to give the bridge a nicer appearance.

The bridge is printed in separate pieces. This simplifies the print process as well as the storage of the bridge. The different parts are:

  • Bridge
  • Left Stairs
  • Right Stairs
  • 2×2 Handrails

All parts can be printed laying or standing flat on the build surface and no support is needed. All parts fit a conventional build plate with dimensions of 20x20cm.

The Bridge includes two wooden sticks (3.8x40mm) as a design element. This can be made from a shashlik skewer. Alternatively, print it yourself.

The walls of the stairs feature a 3D stone texture. This increases the .stl file size, but makes a much nicer appearance and simplifies painting. The Bridge also includes a plank texture.