Topography Model

I designed and 3D printed a topography model of Germany with some additional Data Physicalization as decorative wall art.

Pedestrian Bridge

I created this model of a pedestrian bridge to replace a previous model which was stolen.
It fits the german “Spur H0” with a scale of 1:87.


I designed and construct my own Schwibbogen with a scenery including 4 representative buildings of Leipzig.

Master Thesis

As I am currently still working on this project, I can not post more information by now. But the page is already in preparation.

Augmented Displays

I helped to integrate content from my Bachelor Thesis into a publication of the “Augmented Displays” concept by P. Reipschl√§ger.

DMX Toolkit

In this University group project, we had to develop a C++ Software for manual and automatic control of stage lights.

Headphone Stand

I designed and build a custom Headphone Stand made from laser cut acrylic and wooden sheets.

GameJam 2019

I got the chance to organize the 2019 GameJam of our faculty. It was a great 3-day event for which me and my team took care of the location, catering, sponsoring …


TimeBOMB consists of a cuboid game station, which enables up to four players to compete in an adaptation of the classic game Bomberman.